The Wedding Party

AKPEVWE, Maid Of Honor

Akpevwe (A.K.) is a wife, singer and sometimes super woman who wears many capes depending on the situation. She has known Eggy for 20 odd years as she was born right in front of her literally (as if). Her favorite things are cooking, sleeping and listening to good music.

Emma, Bridesmaid

Emma became friends with Eggy in graduate school. She is a banker who dreams of doing many other things including becoming a designer, painter, street performer etc. She wishes Eggy the best as she starts this new chapter

Gucci, Bridesmaid

Gucci is a very important friend of the bride. She is a nurse round the clock, architect when she feels like it and herself 24 hours a day! Her hobbies include anything that involves not lifting a finger!

Heather, Bridesmaid

Heather enjoys spending time with family and friends, sports, and playing the piano. She met Eggy in Waterloo during an internship. Eggy has been a blessing to her life and she is deeply honored to be a part of her special day!

IYANUOLUWA, Bridesmaid

Iyanuoluwa is a teacher, a worship leader, a speaker, a writer, and a woman of God. She has known Eggy for 2 years and is tremendously grateful to be so blessed.

Masha, Bridesmaid

Mahsa is Persian and has been in Canada for 20 years. A banker by day and social butterfly at night. She met Eggy in graduate school where there built a great bond. Mahsa is lucky to have a friend like Eggy and wishes her the best in her journey.

Sarah, Bridesmaid

Sarah is a student, an avid music lover and a youth on fire for God! She met Eguono in Montreal back when she was a ``Montrealer``. She is excited to be part of this joyous celebration.