Our Story


I left Nigeria for the first time in 2015 after I heard from the Lord to go study. So, I got admission to Memorial University, Saint Johns in Newfoundland to study Oil and Gas Engineering but apparently that was not God’s final destination for me. It was only a transition as I got the impression to leave Memorial University. I only stayed in St. John’s for 2 weeks because I had applied to Queens University few days before I left Nigeria to study Mining Engineering. I got the admission to Queens in Kingston, Ontario. It was at Kingston I joined Overcomers Assembly. I met Eguono for the first time on the 26th of December, 2015. She was part of backup in choir that day. I remember saying to myself, ‘ Who is this lady?’. It seemed as though she was the only one singing as my eyes were totally glued on her. More like a beacon among the other members. That evening I went to spend some time with my friend and his family and coincidentally she was staying with them. She was singing a song she just composed while my friend played the piano. I was asked to sing too. When she heard me sing, she proposed that we go to Ottawa to record her song, which we actually did the next day. It was an opportunity for me to visit the city of Ottawa for the first time. That’s how our friendship began. No strings attached, we were just good friends. We sometimes spoke late at night and prayed together. By July 2016, I had this strong inkling in my spirit that she was the one God had chosen for me as a wife. It was a tough time for me as I was going through a lot at that time. But I eventually told her how I truly felt. She is a tough lady and she stalled me for a while. By November the 14th we became a couple officially. It has been a remarkable journey so far. I often say she was the reason God pulled me across the sevens seas, all the way from Nigeria to Newfoundland then to the province of Ontario to meet her. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with her. She is everything and even more God pictured for me.


I met Tobi at Overcomers Assembly in December 2015. For my Christmas break, I planned to go to Kingston shortly and then to Ottawa for a quick recording. After church, he came to say hello and I greeted back but in truth, I was thinking “Who is this new guy and why is he so dressed up?”(You see, I am a super chill dresser. No time for stress – flats, jeans, moving on.). Later that evening my host invited him for Christmas dinner (no it was not a setup. or was it…?) I was rehearsing the song I was about to record with my host and Tobi joined in. What a voice!!! I sharply asked if he wanted to come record it with me in Ottawa and he said yes. It was really just for the song. No feelings attached at this point. We built a friendship after that – totally platonic. I was dealing with different things at the time too so I really wasn’t emotionally available. Come summer, bros called and said he had something to tell me but not now. I was like…ooookay. Then he called shortly after saying he had to tell me. I was thinking “Ok guy, out with it”. He professed his love and convictions over the phone and I thought “Hmm, interesting”. We fought a lot after that ha ha. There were times when I really couldn’t stand him and just wanted him to forget me!!!. I told him a very definite NO, but I did all this without praying. Despite all the drama, he kept pursuing me and kept working hard to help me understand him (Cos trust me, I felt like we were from different worlds a lot of times). I soon realized he was a man of peace. His persistence forced me to pay attention. Fast forward to September my uncle challenged me to not be afraid to hear what God had to say (for some reason, I didn’t want to hear yay or nay. I just didn’t want to know. lol). So I prayed about it and it was quite funny how real God got with me. He dealt with my fears and my pride and showed me Tobi’s heart and, yea, here we are!!!

The Story Starts In Kingston...


The proposal

He proposed the 1st time 2 days before his birthday. I really wanted a purple ring but had given up on it because some of the ones I saw online were just not doing it for me. So I told him to not worry about finding something purple; “Just get something nice it’s ok”. But he found a purple rinnggggggg. And while he was on his knees giving me his “lyrics”, I caught a glimpse of the ring, got so excited and asked him to hurry up LOL… The 2nd time he proposed was because we didn’t have pictures for the first time. He planned a surprise party and reenacted the proposal. It was quite sweet. I love my Tobi. I really do. He is proof that God knows me well and loves me so. Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this gem of a human being!


Started dating


Met for the first time

He Popped The Question...