15 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue This Wedding Season

Uneku Jegede
Uneku Jegede

Founder and WPIC certified lead planner of Kauna Events

Planning a wedding during a pandemic is emotionally tasking and complex, to say the least. If there was ever a time to hire a wedding planner it would be now. You may say, “Do I really need a wedding planner? After all, things are opening up, restrictions are being lifted.” My answer is an unequivocal “Yes”. The world has changed dramatically since the pandemic, and words like masks, sanitizers, social distancing have now become everyday lingo and even legal language in terms of restrictions. We all know that wedding planning just by itself can be really stressful, then add a pandemic to that, and you get “mega – stressful”. You don’t want to have to deal with guests not wearing masks or failing to maintain social distancing while trying to keep your little sister from taking out all the baby breath flowers from your bouquet. You get my point. So as you resume wedding planning this season, do consider hiring a wedding planner, if you haven’t already done so. In the meantime, let’s share a few questions you can ask your potential wedding venues in this pandemic season. Also, keep in mind when you are asking these questions that much will depend on when your date is and the level of restrictions at the moment. Do your research, ask the necessary questions, and keep your head up.

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